Saturday, 20 August 2011

PGL and Wakebording


So PGL was OK. While I was there we did aero ball (me and my partner came third), jacob's ladder (we only got up to the second bar because we spent almost all of the time trying to drag this really heavy guy up). The second day we did problem solving (it was pretty easy), giant swing (I swear this one was bigger than the one at Caythorpe Court, it was pretty scary cause I had to pull the rope cause the girl that was in with me wouldn't pull it), orienteering my group won (like every time I've done it, we had found about twice as many as the other groups) and archery (I really like archery for some reason but that doesn't mean I'm the best at it). On the last day we did rock climbing and abseiling. It wasn't like the rock climbing you usually have it's moulded like an actual cliff face and I managed to scale one of the bits in about five seconds when it took everyone else maybe a minute. I don't think it was 5 seconds probably more 15-20 seconds and the second wall I decided to do one of the marked routes and I managed to do a flash (first time) so that makes my climbing skill about 5A. With abseiling I did OK and we did this game called shoe wars where you had to try and get the other persons shoes and throw it as far as you can. It was a tie for me.

Yesterday I went wakeboarding at Box End park I managed to stand up once which is good considering it's my first time. But I did take a bit of skin off my hands because I didn't let go of the bar on the boat because I thought it would be easier to keep hold of the boat rather than let go and wait for the boat to come back round. Ow!

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Samuel Kavanagh
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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Holiday and other things


On Friday I did a performance at F4YP (Fun 4 Young People) after the summer course I did one session of music, one session of art and two sessions of drama you were only aloud to do music or art once but at least I got to do the sword fighting scene. We did Romeo and Juliet but they only got mentioned once we just focused on the gangs (Capulet and Montague) I was a montague and in the sword fighting scene I got to kill the other.

In music because I've been going since there was only one group and now there are four I'm in the advanced group I've been going for years. We did Times Like These by the Foo Fighters and we started the clapping and waving for all the other groups.

Tomorrow (Monday) I'm going to the PGL in Osmington Bay which is slightly annoying because I like Caythorpe Court the best and Osmington bay is basically on the other side of the country to me. I'm going with this youth group called 229.

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Post I Can't Think of a Half Decent Name For...


Sorry I haven't posted for, how long... about three weeks. Sorry and this time I don't have an excuse apart from the fact my internet was down for a while but I didn't post before that and I didn't post after it got fixed so here is my post.

So Spanish lessons yeah. There going okay but I'm not going to write any Spanish here. The end.

On Thursday I went to Willen lake and did archery, katakanuing (basically two canoes called a katakanu look it up) and kayaking. I was okay with archery I got a bullseye and the rest weren't to far away from bullseye. katakanuing my group which had two other people in so we only had three in our katakanuing while the others had four and yet we won in all three races and won in a game of tag. Kayaking I was the best winning in both the race we did and we played stuck in the mud and I was sticker with a double kayak and I think it took us twenty seconds to catch everyone the double caught one while I caught the rest and when other people were the stickers I only got caught once and at no time did everyone get caught.

I can't think of anything else I did before that so I'll carry on. Actually... I remember I asked my dad if there was any work I could do and now even though I'm only twelve my dad tells me if there's any work that needs doing and I get paid.

Tomorrow (Sunday) I'm going over to my nan's for a family dinner and I don't know why I bothered to mention that so I will now carry on...

All of next week I have this thing called F4YP (Fun 4 Young People) and I'm doing music, art, drama and then either of those again.

The week after that I'm going to PGL for three days which is where you do loads of activities and I'm going to the Osmington Bay centre with 229 but I wanted to go to the Caythorpe Court centre for seven days like I did last year but at least the forest next to it is where Jurassic Park was filmed.

Oh yeah I'm starting to enjoy photography so what do you think of one of my best two pictures:

Sorry for another bit about Youtube but oh well. Me and two of my friends are doing a load of podcasts about random things and the page is namependingpodcast and the website I have just finished is please visit these and comment. Thanks!

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Samuel Kavanagh

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Friday, 15 July 2011

An Awards Evening, a Steel Pans Performance, a netball game, a Disco, Two Albums, Festival of History and Youtube

Sorry for the extremely long title. After reading this blog can you pleeaassee think of a better name for this post because it's waaay to long. Please comment your ideas.

Ok. So now where was I... Awards Evening. So boring. I got an award for Science, Music, being a librarian and sports leadership. I played two of my steel pans songs with the rest of the steel panners and then later because the amp was faulty we had to play some more instead of the electric guitar player, who as it happens was a steel panner.

Next the steel pans performance. Yesterday we played at Cherry Trees Nursery for their fete (I would put some pictures of steel pans up but the pictures should be going up on Robert Bruce Middle School's Facebook page soon). We played each of our songs about 5 or 6 times each. They were:

  • Melanie
  • March Militaire
  • Amazing Grace
  • Surfin USA
  • Pancho Pancho
  • Ben
We did it for one group of nursery children and then we had to play for the afternoon group as well.

Last lesson today we had to go and sit outside. Weren't aloud to stand up and had to watch teachers play netball for their houses. Saxons, Romans, Britons and Danes. I'm a Saxon not sure who won it was either Saxons or Romans.

And now the disco at my school which happened today. So boring, waste of money. No more need be said.

I got two albums from Amazon not so long ago they were American Idiot - Green Day and Vices and Virtues - Panic! at the Disco. I'm listening to Green Day right now.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I have to be at school by 7:30 because I'm going to the festival of history at Kelmarsh Hall. Next week on Saturday I'm having Spanish lessons because I'll be a year behind the other people at Bedford Modern School when I get there.

Finally I have some requests. My friends brother does video blogs on youtube or vlogs as he calls them on his page ivlogbroken and could you please have a look at my page and subscribe at nasawolf37. Thanks.

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Samuel Kavanagh

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Been busy

Sorry I haven't posted I just didn't get round to it :-(
The death by caffeine thing I mentioned in my last post failed because no energy drinks were consumed and there was a break up so yeah... It was a fail.
Yesterday I had a barbecue and felt so sick after cause I had so much, even though I can usually eat a lot more than I had then. Weird...
Comment on which you like more:
Chart music or other music for example independent bands or bands like MCR or Muse
I prefer other music cause I HATE most chart music.

See Ya
Samuel Kavanagh
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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Natural History Museum Trip


Today I got to miss school to go on a school trip to the Natural History Museum. I was listening to music the whole way there and say this awesome shop, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll. On the bus my teachers managed to trick a load of us, not me I hasten to add, that there was a Central London Time and half of them fell for it. We spent about 5 hours in the museum and spent the last two looking around on our own.
Unfortunately one of my teachers didn't bring the risk assessment so I couldn't read it :-(
(It started on the Italy trip, because the same teacher that forgot to bring the risk assessment wouldn't let me climb on a cordoned of area of the pier and she said it was because it wasn't covered in the risk assessment. So I became obsessed with risk assessment).
Oh yeah tomorrow there is this event on Facebook. Death by Caffeine me and a couple of mates are meeting up at Addison Howard Park and one of them is going to try to drink as much energy drink as possible because of the caffeine. On average he drink anywhere between 300ml and 1L of caffeine a day through energy drinks.

See ya
Samuel Kavanagh
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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sorry had loads of homework and school visits

Sorry I haven't posted in so long I've been busy with a ton of homework and visiting Bedford Modern School (BMS). Yeah so school visits. I'm moving to BMS next school year but because I'm a new student after I passed the test and was one of the thirteen to get in I have to go back on August 31st instead of when the rest of the school goes back September 1st but I get an even shorter holiday because I currently go to state school and I'm moving to a private school their Summer holidays start two or three weeks earlier than mine currently does so I lose out on another couple of weeks. I've also got to wear a blazer and a tie which I actually quite like. I had to buy the uniform yesterday and about half of the uniform (second hand) cost about as much as a new blazer would cost £70.

I've just finished watching the 3rd episode of Teen Wolf as well it's awesome!!! You have to watch it.

See ya
Samuel Kavanagh
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